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Typical day's Nelson Photography Wedding Coverage from Tasman Photography
Pre service Wedding Photography - Why is it important to capture what goes on before the service? Because the groom does not usually see all the fuss and how the girls have a great time together, that's why. Here you have a choice of full coverage including hair , makeup , partial coverage which starts just as the last make up is applied or a snapshot coverage where the essence of the nervous bride is captures just as she leaves for the service. Standard photographs include the flowers, bridal portrait, bride, parents, maids and flowergirls.
The Wedding service - Captured before the service begins is the waiting groom, venue and guests. Then onto the arriving of the bride in whatever transport is chosen, the bride as she is helped out of that transport and then the bridal party making those last minute adjustments. Service photographs follow which are taken in non-obtrusive manner but still captures the essence of that special time. After the service while you are being congratulated, is the time where candid photos of you and the guests along with any horseshoe presentations.
Family Photographs- Working to a pre-planned list which a loud vocal person would have, we capture family, friends and other groups at a suitable place near the service venue.
Formal Wedding Photographs - Now we follow the travel plans that have been discussed at the consultation prior to the big day with a mix of the traditional formal poses, some candid ones you sometimes did not expect and other photographs. We try to personalise your photo session so your photographs are as unique as possible, ones you can cherish and also bring back those memories of your special day.
The Wedding Reception (Breakfast)- Scene shots of the venue you have chosen are captured before your grand entrance. Options for coverage here include the basic mock cutting all the way through to the first dance (depending on the package chosen)

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